Marketing Operations, Automation & Email

Marketing automation and email are my area of expertise; in my T-shaped skill set, it's the long vertical. I have deep technical knowledge on many different systems, as well as having the unique ability to write marketing messaging with prose and concision. I handle everything from implementation to daily execution. I take big picture ideas to tactical delivery.

I've been hands on with marketing automation for almost my entire career. I have deep knowledge of program and campaign management through many different platforms—building a sophisticated nurture program or setting up an SPF and DKIM to guarantee rock solid deliverability are things I'm extremely comfortable implementing. I've done deployment and administration at both the enterprise and start-up levels. If you're working with me, you're working with the very best.

I've helped companies architect, implement and execute sales and marketing operations from both strategic and tactical levels. I take the time to understand how an organization works and how sales are made and being thoughtful about the customer journey. I won't just send your sales force names, emails and numbers to call—I'll send them revenue ready to close.


I'm obsessed with putting marketing and sales data to work and helping drive organizations in the right direction. I'm also very well versed in scaling, and driving the implementation of self-service analytics at large enterprises. Imagine all your knowledge workers using and visualizing their data to make more intelligent decisions.

I have in depth experience with data from diverse database ecosystems. I'm an accomplished analyst and author some of the most consumed reports at an organization that sells the best and most popular business intelligence tool. I'm able to quickly put any size business data to work, in simple and scalable ways.