Event Tracking & Reporting with Tableau

Using Tableau to track your event performance and sales funnel progression is easy. You can also use it to visualize geographic and firmographic details, as well as report on trends and eventually—attribution!

This first dashboard is simple, as you’ll have noticed if you’ve viewed any of my other dashboards, I’m a fan of minimalism and my visualizations will answer specific questions easily and effectively. I try to focus on making them easy to consume. Here we’re looking at members of our campaign, and their campaign status (those that registered and those that attended) and also where they’re located. We’ll pretend this event was held in Seattle.


In the funnel progression dashboard we’re trying to do some analysis on where the members of our Seattle event ended up in our sales funnel.

Here’s some cool metrics we’ll look at:

  1. Registration trends over time: Two chart types in one worksheet to show daily registrations and the running total.
  2. Sales Funnel Progression: Looking at where your campaign members ended up in the sales funnel will help you decide whether or not this event was a success.
  3. Net New vs Existing: How many of these campaign members were sourced by this campaign, was this popular to folks that we already knew, or perhaps were our customers. What was the initial target audience?

Of course your campaign and event can be much more powerful including only a few other metrics, like budget and actual figures, to do campaign level cost per lead, cost per opportunity, cost per sale and other fun metrics.