Email Authentications in Gmail

Google has recently upgraded their Show Original console to be much easier to read for email marketers looking to view whether or not their email's are authenticating properly. I've already written a blog on utilizing Google's Postmaster Tool, now let's look at how you can quickly see whether or not your email is authenticating in Gmail. I'm using an email from Harry's as an example.

Open Your Email

Open up the email you'd like to check for authentications. Click the show details dropdown and be sure your email is being signed.

Show Original

Here's a cool tool not a lot of people know about. In the dropdown next to the reply button in the top right, choose Show Original. This will show you the message as the computer reads it.

Check Your Authentications

This is pretty cool. Google has updated their console to table all of the important stuff up top (strangely missing TLS though, which they just started supporting recently...). Now you can see the pass or fail of SPF, DKIM & DMARC. They've even added nifty Learn More links to explain how and why they're authenticating. Click download original if you'd like to see what it used to look like.