Email Subscription Snooze

So—I was perusing Gmail's deliverability resources (you know, the kind of stuff I do for fun) and I come across this little nugget.

Snooze an Email... Interesting

But, perhaps, you can snooze an email subscription too.

I don't want to hear from you right now, but, maybe in 30 days we can get after it?

Marketing automation to the rescue.

I wish every retail brand would adopt this (Filson, Outdoor Research.. AHEM). Any automation tool with decisions steps and rules that update contact field values can accomplish this. Here's a sexy example from Eloqua's new Program Canvas:

And here's something even sexier—what it looks like in HTML:

The trick is to just create a quick form POST with variable content that your tool will inject on deployment. You'll probably have had processing steps setup at this point for form posts, but a quick custom field with the variable 'snooze30' will throw the subscriber into an unsubscription status for 30 days. It'll probably feel like a treat for them once they get your email after 30 days of Jonesin' for it, because you're such great email marketers.