Reddit In April


Tableau has a series of internal qualification steps that ensure their folks are well versed in their suite of products. Bronze, Silver & Gold. Below is the visualization I created for my Silver.

The Data

This data is curated by the owner of, Jason Baumgartner and loaded into BigQuery by Google's Developer Advocate & Software Engineer for Cloud & Big Data, Felipe Hoffa. Felipe posts on Reddit frequently promoting the cool stuff launching in Google's Cloud Platform. He also posts some cool datasets up to BigQuery that are open for analysis. You can find some of those here.

The Viz

If you've perused my previous work you'll have noticed that most of my visualizations are minimalist and answer really basic (and hopefully interesting) questions. I also believe that visualizations are much easier to consume if they're pleasing to the eye, so I spend a lot of time formatting.

The leaderboard strip at the top is always a hit, and provides a quick introduction to the viz, and helps to get your head wrapped around what you're about to look at. The intent is to mitigate the confusion that happens with viewing a chart/graph/data viz for the first time. The scatter plot is purely for the pretty visual.

The subreddit leaderboard is a set of parameters that will select one sheet and hide four others, so this is essentially five vizzes using the precious real estate effectively.

Comment Trends shows a bar chart of comments per day and an overlayed line chart in red showing the running total of comments.

Voting trends show votes by day with a temperature diverging color palette and the width of the line grows with the amount. Three visual queues for one data point. The dashed reference line will flow with your datapoint selections.

The viz will be up on Tableau Public just as soon as the 64M rows are all tucked into a .tde. In the meantime, here's the workbook for download. Thanks for reading!