Clubhouse Bed

When Logan was turning three he needed a new, larger bed. I decided to do some research on building it myself as opposed to buying one—I didn't like the designs for any I found in stores.

After having recently rekindled my love for woodworking and building stuff, I stumbled across build plans for a clubhouse bed online. Here's a quick rundown of my journey building it.

If you're interested in building it, here's a direct link to the plans which include both material and cut lists as well as instructions for slapping it together. Enjoy!

The material costs were less than $200, and the project was fun and rewarding.

Some of the diagonal cuts were precise—so you'll want a miter saw.

Another valuable lesson after not having built anything for so long: have lots and lots of clamps of all different sizes. Photobomb by a picnic table I also built that served as a workbench for a while.

If you build this you'll want to sand the staircase good, and perhaps utilize rubber pads for the end caps.

Almost done! After the final journey to the bedroom you can assemble the components and put on the slats.

It's a hit!